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여러 OEM 기계제조사들은 타켓으로 하고 있는 시장에서의 특정 요구를 충족시키거나, 여러 개별 고객들의 요구를 충족시킬 수 있는 풍부한 기능의 CAD/CAM 솔루션으로서 에스프릿 솔루션을 이용하고 있습니다. OEM 업체들은 고객들에게 다양한 레벨의 에스프릿 성능을 제시하거나 자신들만의 애드-인 프로그램과 기존의 에스프릿 솔루션을 통합하여 고객의 요구를 충족시키고 있습니다. 그 결과, 더욱 강력하고, 고품질의 차별화된 솔루션으로 에스프릿은 진화하게 되었습니다.

에스프릿의 융통성 있는 기능 구조는 OEM 업체들로 하여금 에스프릿 기능의 모든 레벨을 활용할 수 있게 해줍니다. 에스프릿의 개별 요소들은 현재 사용되고 있는 에스프릿의 그래픽 유저 인터페이스(GUI) 내에서 CAD/CAM 솔루션의 기능을 보완하는 요소로 이용될 수도 있습니다. 또는 OEM 요소들이 에스프릿에 추가되어 에스프릿의 GUI 내에서 하나의 동일한 프로그램처럼 사용될 수도 있습니다. 에스프릿의 GUI는 OEM 업체 및 고객의 요구에 따라 얼마든지 개별화가 가능하여 커스터마이징을 손쉽게 할 수 있습니다.

Programmers are now able to access ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions to search for, create, manage and store tools to be loaded directly into ESPRIT from a central database that provides a clear overview of available tooling. After programming is complete, the resulting tool list is transferred from ESPRIT to the ZOLLER database — where the tool list is available as a setup sheet in both the ZOLLER system and ZOLLER measuring machine. Designed for ease of use in data transfer between the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions database and ESPRIT CAM system, this new add-in makes it easy to create and manage tools.

E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG
Pleidelsheim, Germany


ECamo closely follows the Windows GUI standard. It is simply operated in dialogic operation and has easy machine settings, such as machining path pattern, approach and return. This software also has a dynamic simulation in 3D, which checks interference, calculates real time tool paths, as well as high-speed simulations. ECamo reads all major CAD data files and contains a library of the users tools and processes.

Star Micronics Co., LTD.
Shizuoka, Japan


Imao Corporation's Information Division provides comprehensive information systems ranging from CAD / CAM / CAE to multimedia content and virtual reality technologies. This division supports our customers with total solutions, including systems introduction consulting, systems architecture, education and training, and post-introduction maintenance services.

IMAO Corporation


The SARIX technology is applied on a very large applications range: engine injectors, spinnerets for the textile industry, fiber-optical connectors, micro-mechanic machining, fine machining for the watch and for the micro-electronic industries, micro-mould making, stamping tools and all other fields where the utmost precision machining is required.

Today, MicroEDM technology offers concrete advantages in several industries. EDM technology is a well-established high technology, but all its interesting potential has not yet been exhausted. For example, in micro metal machining, SARIX is a pioneer in opening up new paths.

SARIX offers flexible equipment at an affordable price, with huge potential still to be discovered. If you are looking for new solutions to your requirements, you will find new fields of application, for which there has been no solution until now.

Sarix SA
Losogne, Switzerland


ESPRIT Programmers are now able to access TDM Systems Tool Lifecycle Management Solutions to search for tools and cutting data in a central TDM database and load tool assemblies directly into ESPRIT with a single click. This allows to program and simulate using realistic 3D tool data. After programming is completed, the resulting tool list will be transferred from ESPRIT to the TDM database — where the tool list is available as a setup sheet to be used in NC verification software and to prepare shop floor execution tasks like tool assembling and tool presetting. Designed for ease of use in data transfer between the TDM database and ESPRIT CAM system, this add-in makes it easy to manage tools and tool lists.

TDM Systems GmbH
Tübingen, Germany


CGTech's VERICUT® software is the standard for CNC simulation, verification, optimization, analysis, and additive manufacturing. VERICUT enables users to eliminate the process of manually proving-out NC programs. VERICUT runs standalone, but can also be integrated with leading CAM systems such as ESPRIT. The ESPRIT-to-VERICUT Interface tightly integrates the two programs to help you create the most accurate and efficient NC programs possible. The tools, fixtures and stock material created in ESPRIT are seamlessly transferred into VERICUT, which is automatically set up in the correct orientation and coordinate system to allow simulation to start immediately. Both the kinematics and CNC control of each machine tool are accurately modeled and defined inside VERICUT, ensuring the checks mirror the exact behavior of the CNC machine.

Irvine, California