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Our vision is to provide the NC programmer with a complete suite of software tools for every conceivable NC programming task. Due to the extremely diverse nature of the NC machining community, many individual needs are difficult to identify, let alone commit resources for their development. Traditionally NC programmers have used "macros" to solve this problem. We have a better answer! By enabling add-in technology in ESPRIT, DP empowers you (third parties) to create add-in macros for not only your benefit, but for the benefit of the worldwide ESPRIT community as well. "We 're encouraging our users to create these add-ins. Then we'll market them to the entire machining population" says DP. "A user who creates an add-in may decide that it's freeware, and not charge anything. Or they might develop something that's fairly sophisticated – a commercial application – and set a price."

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The momentum and growth of ESPRIT as the CAM system of choice provides a tremendous opportunity for NC programmers, CAD/CAM resellers, and software developers alike to profit from supplying and sharing add-in software. The ESPRIT Developer Network, in conjunction with the ESPRIT Add-In Store, provides you with an easy mechanism to develop and share these add-ins. Make your contribution to the ESPRIT Add-In Store by joining the ESPRIT Developer Network today at /support_developers.asp. It 's simple and it's free. This world-class developer program provides you with all of the tools and support you need to be successful developing add-in software and macros for ESPRIT.

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It's easy to build macros and add-ins for ESPRIT because our CAM system uses the Windows ® standard COM (Component Object Model) technology to provide you with an extensive API (Applications Programming Interface). This API allows access into ESPRIT, letting you control just about anything the software is capable of doing, while extending ESPRIT's capability without limits. More importantly,we have built Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) directly into ESPRIT. Visual Basic is the industry standard and the most widely used macro and scripting language. This means VBA is easy to learn, easy to use, and most importantly, highly reliable. Are you a software developer using VB or C++? No problem. Use the ESPRIT API and connect your software into our CAM system. It's a snap! You can build your DLL into an ESPRIT add-in in no time.